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MAXX workplace capability

maXx Consulting Workplace Capability solutions has developed an extensive network of technical subject matter experts and partners who can assist organisations with digital business consulting services. Across a broad range of industry sectors, our team can guide your organisation in the right direction.

Service Delivery

Our clients rely on maXx Consulting for facilitation, coordination and management of service delivery through a range of technical, systems, workplace and project solutions services. We continue to explore, implement and support savvy digital business capabilities that assist business in becoming the best they can be in an evolving and dynamic marketplace.

Digital Workplace

No longer does your workforce need to be tied to a desk or be present in your office to achieve strategic objectives on your clients’ deliverables. Modern cloud based collaboration tools like Podio that also have mobile access, allows your business to optimise workforce performance and capability both inside and external to your traditional business environment.

Workplace Systems

Strategic Partnerships enhance our workplace systems delivery capability through strategic workforce management systems, provision of timesheet, payroll, contract and invoice management technologies provided by a variety of cloud based tools, solutions, partners and services.

Workplace Capability Solutions

Workplace Collaboration

Modern cloud based collaboration tools like Podio that also have mobile access, allows your business to optimise workforce performance and capability.

Workplace Management

A strategic requirement of the modern business, including implementation and support of scheduling, payment, collaboration and project delivery systems.

Technical Consulting

We have a network of technical subject matter experts able to provide technical digital business consulting services across a variety of industry sectors.

Workforce Systems

Through a network of partners maXx workforce systems allow business teams to better collaborate, manage and administrate business deliverables.

Service Delivery

maXx workplace capability has developed and maintains a service delivery methodology for management of past and present client project and technical requirements.

Digital Workplace

Workplace collaboration, remote working, task management and outsourcing are all contemporary topics requiring smart innovative solutions.

Digital Business

Today's Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are surrounded by noise in the jungle of of digital business. We strive towards simplification, clarification and guidance of our clients towards digital business solutions that enhance and empower our clients for business success.

Digital Backoffice

The Digital Backoffice is your competitive advantage, consisting of outsourced, virtual solutions and services that set you apart from your competition. We can bring your organisation expertise in selection, implementation of solutions for your next generation backoffice.

Digital Life Hacking

Our team continually explore solutions and innovations that seek to hack your digital business life. In a world crowded by digital products, hacking through the noise is critical to your success. We can assist you selecting, implementing and supporting your digital solutions.

Digital Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur you are busy innovating, creating, building and developing your business. Our team works with Entrepreneurs to achieve competitive advantage in their businesses through mobility, integration and automation of emerging cloud based technologies.