Workforce Capability
drives high performance
business outcomes.

We offer workforce capability solutions and services to transform your business capability.

Workforce capability is the gateway to your future business success.
How? Use digital innovation to enhance workforce performance, management and collaboration..
maXx Consulting is able to use digital solutions and services to enhance your Workforce PROCUREMENT activities and outcomes. The extensive experience of our Consultants particular in the areas of Technology and Management enhances your business outcomes and quality of your workforce.
We partner with key digital COLLABORATION tools like Podio by Citrix. Our Consultants are able to provide your business with innovative and contemporary solutions to enhance your workforce collaboration and mobilization needs and requirements.
We work with a range of contemporary Cloud Solutions that when integrated and configured can assist in VIRTUALISING your Workforce. How can this occur we hear your ask? Examples include creating virtual workspaces, integrating chat, task management and service desk tools for active outcomes driven work environments. When integrated with CRM and client communication your business capabilities are exponential.
Business Automation is the future of modern businesses who are digital savvy. Modern tools like Zapier and Globiflow integrate with solutions like Podio to automate your business processes. This empowers your existing workforce to focus on business critical activities and spend more time servicing your clients in realtime.
Business Intelligence and Business Dashboards in a Digital Business driven world seeking competitive advantage in a crowded market place are key examples where workforce management can be enhanced. Workforce Management can also be enhanced through digital savvy integration and automation tools that digitize traditionally time intensive activities. For example we have implemented electronic timesheets, payroll, invoicing, contracts, on boarding and governance to fully automate workforce management for clients.
We recognise that modern and evolving workforce procurement requires smart mobile and collaborative technologies, lean processes and methodologies aimed at procuring diverse, global workforces to satisfy strategic demands in emerging talent short business environments. Our consultants are experienced in the implementation of SaaS and Cloud based Talent Management Solutions designed to enhance your workforce procurement capabilities.

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